Yew Tree Ale (Strong Bitter)

1st Place Bitters over 1045 – London & Home Counties Homebrewing Festival 2010 (Sutton)
BJCP style guide: 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter

84.2% British Pale Malt
5.5% Wheat Malt
3.8% Munich Malt
3.7% Caramalt

2.7% Golden Syrup added to boil

90min: 1.2g/l WGV 8.3%AA; 2.2g/l Fuggles 3.8%AA
30min: 0.75g/l Fuggles 3.8%AA
5min: 0.58g/l Fuggles 3.8%AA
0min: 0.75g/l Fuggles 3.8%AA

Yeast: WLP005
OG: 1057
FG: 1014
IBU: 48 (calc. Tinseth)

Method: CRS to treat water to 30ppm as CaCO3. Mash at 67C. Pitch and ferment at 20C.

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