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And so passes the UK National Homebrew Competition for 2013. Sadly, I couldn’t make it this year after having an unfortunate coming together with a 70mph+ cricket ball and putting 4 fractures in my face shortly beforehand. Worse that it was held in Oxford, so close! Hope it went well and the venue worked out well, and congratulations to all who got places in their classes. Big “well dones” to Ali Kocho-Williams (@alikocho) for Best of Show with his Lambic; and Rich Caller (@rcaller), Steve Syson (@marisotter) and James Poole/Lee Thomson for their respective 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall places.

I’ve started to add short details on the pubs of Oxford. To follow are photos, and potentially a Google map with detailed pubs shown. This isn’t a comprehensive pub guide (try, nor is it the GBG and the details may relate to limited visits, or a visit some time ago, but it probably gives a clue as to which pubs I’d recommend in Oxford. Interestingly, there are virtually no pubs or bars that advertise themselves as “craft beer bars” (along the lines of say the Craft Beer Co. or Cask in London) – you will generally get virtually nothing …

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