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I’ve recently been helping out Ben McCormick a little with recipe conversions for his up and coming homebrew magazine – I think that promises to be a very interesting read with a lot of contributions from well known UK breweries, and the odd homebrewer or two. Keep an eye out for it. It’s made me think about the resources that homebrewers now have available to us – one of the first homebrewing books I bought, over 5 years ago now was unsurprisingly a recipe book, probably one that many have also bought in the past – and it’s a classic.

I’m umm-ing and ahh-ing over my next few brews – here’s a couple of thoughts. #1 Maris Otter 3kg Flaked Rye 500g Munich Malt 350g Crystal 60EBC 250g Special B 140g Crystal 240EBC 140g Pale Chocolate 80g Cascade 6% 18g 60min FWH Columbus 13% 18g 20min Columbus 13% 24g 10min Columbus 13% 34g 0min OG 1.045 FG ~1.011 IBU ~33 SRM 19 Yeast: US-05 (probably) #2 Maris Otter 3.8kg Crystal 120EBC 240g Carapils 200g Crystal 240EBC 110g Pale Chocolate 60g Northdown 8% 28g 60min Fuggle 3.2% 28g 60min Northdown 8% 15g 15min Fuggle 3.2% 15g 15min Styrian Goldings (Bobek) 20g