Couple of Recipe Ideas

I’m umm-ing and ahh-ing over my next few brews – here’s a couple of thoughts.

Maris Otter 3kg
Flaked Rye 500g
Munich Malt 350g
Crystal 60EBC 250g
Special B 140g
Crystal 240EBC 140g
Pale Chocolate 80g

Cascade 6% 18g 60min FWH
Columbus 13% 18g 20min
Columbus 13% 24g 10min
Columbus 13% 34g 0min

OG 1.045
FG ~1.011
IBU ~33
SRM 19
Yeast: US-05 (probably)

Maris Otter 3.8kg
Crystal 120EBC 240g
Carapils 200g
Crystal 240EBC 110g
Pale Chocolate 60g

Northdown 8% 28g 60min
Fuggle 3.2% 28g 60min
Northdown 8% 15g 15min
Fuggle 3.2% 15g 15min
Styrian Goldings (Bobek) 20g 0min
Cascade 12g 0min

OG 1.043
FG ~1.011
IBU ~37
SRM 13
Yeast to be chosen from: S-04, Windsor, WLP002, Wyeast 1028, Harveys Sussex?

And in amongst this I need to brew a weizenbock... (the recipe for which I have nailed down now thankfully...). Any thoughts/comments on the above?

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  1. I brewed the one with rye a week and a half ago – and, yup, it’s red 🙂 I also dry hopped it with 14g each of columbus and simcoe – I need to crash it this weekend and rack it early next week. The cascade went in as first wort – looking for a hint of the cascade flavour without overpowering everything else. Plus, I needed to use them up… I could possibly increase by 50% the flaked rye I think.

    I’m still fiddling with recipes for bitters – I can’t pin down what I’m after in any way shape or form – there’s not really any commercial offerings I could say that give me something I could happily brew over and over and drink for the rest of time. My Downton Quadhop clone was pretty good, and popular with family but still fiddling…

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