Month: October 2011

I’m umm-ing and ahh-ing over my next few brews – here’s a couple of thoughts. #1 Maris Otter 3kg Flaked Rye 500g Munich Malt 350g Crystal 60EBC 250g Special B 140g Crystal 240EBC 140g Pale Chocolate 80g Cascade 6% 18g 60min FWH Columbus 13% 18g 20min Columbus 13% 24g 10min Columbus 13% 34g 0min OG 1.045 FG ~1.011 IBU ~33 SRM 19 Yeast: US-05 (probably) #2 Maris Otter 3.8kg Crystal 120EBC 240g Carapils 200g Crystal 240EBC 110g Pale Chocolate 60g Northdown 8% 28g 60min Fuggle 3.2% 28g 60min Northdown 8% 15g 15min Fuggle 3.2% 15g 15min Styrian Goldings (Bobek) 20g