Month: September 2013

So, continuing on from my previous post on starting to use the Raspberry Pi for brewery control, this is a post about the interface aspects of HLT control. There’s a bit of circuitry here to interface the GPIO ports of the Pi to a mains powered element – the Pi shouldn’t be switching mains voltages and currents without some isolation – there’s far too much risk involved, both for the Pi and for the brewer… Usual, obvious disclaimer – folow these instructions at your own risk – you are responsible for your own actions; if you’re unsure, get someone to check

First up, this is not a post about framboise, lambic fruit or any other style beer with fruit – though I have some good ideas to work on homebrew-wise, including a gooseberry witbier and a sloe porter. More of that later. This is instead about first steps towards some brewery automation, and I’m looking to use the opportunity to start to use and learn about the Raspberry Pi. I have some control already later in the brewing process with using an ATC to control the fermenting fridge, but this is about introducing some control earlier  in the brewing process. My first

And so passes the UK National Homebrew Competition for 2013. Sadly, I couldn’t make it this year after having an unfortunate coming together with a 70mph+ cricket ball and putting 4 fractures in my face shortly beforehand. Worse that it was held in Oxford, so close! Hope it went well and the venue worked out well, and congratulations to all who got places in their classes. Big “well dones” to Ali Kocho-Williams (@alikocho) for Best of Show with his Lambic; and Rich Caller (@rcaller), Steve Syson (@marisotter) and James Poole/Lee Thomson for their respective 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall places.