About Me

I’ve previously described myself in my Twitter profile as:

Yeast pimp, destroyer of code, wearer of teflon gloves, grower of veg, photographer of distant galaxies, tired out father.

That probably sums it up pretty well. I have another site located at www.chromosphere.co.uk where you’ll find other random ramblings on computing (including software testing), some photography, as well as astronomy related articles and imaging I enjoy doing.

My background in homebrewing came from starting to make beer for myself to save some money – and so came the inevitable kit-and-kilo beer from a tin (though at least I did use half and half sugar and spraymalt, it was a lack of knowledge on pitching rates, yeast rehydration, etc. that meant I stuck to the pathetic sachet of dried yeast that was included). Experience with an acetaldehyde laden brew lead me into the world of homebrewing forums,  and from there, it was obvious that it was possible to easily make beer from scratch with better results – and so I started full mash brewing.

From there, the rest is history – and a lot of practice, reading and learning. Now my focus is making beer to the best of my ability in all kinds of “styles”, constantly trying to improve but without having to get hung up on names or the way the beer is served. (My recipe pages do have BJCP styles on them, but that only ever makes a difference if entering a competition!)


Graeme Coates, 12/04/13


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