Month: September 2011

The following link is a survey that is being circulated by the “Way Ahead Group” of the Craft Brewing Association. It is designed to get feedback from as many brewers as possible on the expectations of people of a national home brewing club (this covers subjects like competitions (National and Regional), local groups, communications with members, etc). The results will collated and used to develop any required organisation to fulfil ass many of these requirements as is possible. If you’re a UK homebrewer, and even if you’re not a member of the CBA in the UK, it’d be great if

This year the National Homebrew Competition was held in Bristol on the 4th Sept. This was the first UK competition to be organised under BJCP rules. A lot has been said about the BJCP style guide (mostly, as far as I can tell, from people outside of the US criticising the representation of UK and some European styles). Regardless of the rights or wrongs of the style guide (and it is only a guide for judging – it doesn’t tell you how you *must* brew your beer!), I think that it has encouraged one of the widest and largest range