Vital Signs (Weizenbock)

1st Place German Wheat and Rye Beers – UK National Homebrew Competition 2012
BJCP style guide: 15C Weizenbock

55% Weyermann Dark Wheat malt
25.1% Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner malt
14.1% Munich I malt
2.5% Special B
2.2% Pale Crystal malt
1.1% Pale Chocolate malt

H Mittelfrüh, 25IBU, 1h45m

Yeast: WLP300 (2L active starter)
OG: 1080
FG: 1017
IBU: 25 (calc. Tinseth)


Liquor to 80ppm CaCO3, 1/2 tsp/23L CaCL2 in mash. 15min at 43C, 20min at 55C, 50min at 68C. Then pull thick decoction (~1/3 mash) and boil for 20min, before returning before sparge. Pitch at 15C, and then raise to 17C after 5 days.

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