Simple Simcoe Pale (American Pale Ale)

BJCP style guide: 10A American Pale Ale

95% Maris Otter
5% Flaked (Porridge) Oats

60min FWH: 0.38g/l Simcoe, 14%AA
10min: 0.6g/l Simcoe, 14%AA
5min: 0.6g/l Simcoe, 14%AA
0min: 1.4g/l Simcoe, 14%AA

Yeast: US-05
OG: 1044
FG: 1012
IBU: 36 (calc. Tinseth)


Mash at 66C for 60min; CRS 0.89ml/l in all liquor. 1.4g/kg CaSO4 in mash. Cooled to 18C for pitching, allow to rise to 20C on day 4 and hold until day 8. Crash cool for 3 days at 5C and rack.

This is probably a pretty good recipe to use for single hopped pale ales, just replace the hopping and adjust the first addition to hit the right IBUs. There’s not a lot to stand in the way of the hops – the Maris Otter has lots of flavour (much more than US 2-row) and the oats add body and mouthfeel – no need for lots of crystal malt!

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