Red Sparrowhawk (American Amber Ale)

Runner-up, best of Show – UK National Homebrew Competition 2011
IPA & Amber Ales, 2nd place – London & SE Brewing Festival 2011
BJCP style guide: 10B American Amber Ale

67.6% Maris Otter
10.4% Lager malt
6.9% Munich
5.6% Light Crystal malt (60EBC)
3.3% Aromatic
3.3% Dark Crystal malt (240EBC)
1.7% Pale Chocolate malt
1.2% Carapils

70min: Summit 0.3g/l
20min: Amarillo 0.55g/l, Centennial 0.55g/l
10min: Amarillo 1g/l, Centennial 1g/l
0min: Amarillo 1.2g/l, Centennial 1.2g/l

Dry: Amarillo, Centennial each 0.3g/l

Yeast: WLP001
OG: 1069
FG: 1017
IBU: 34 (calc. Tinseth)


Mash at 67C for 60min, Liquor treated to 60ppm as CaCO3. 1tsp gypsum/23L. NB: adjust the bittering hops accordingly to hit the IBUs (work out IBU contribution from later hops first, and then work out the difference).

Pitch at 17C, raising to 19C after day 3. Crash cool before racking.

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