Force 10 (Wit)

BJCP style guide: 16A Witbier

41.2% Dingemans Pilsner Malt
41.2% Flaked Wheat
7.4% Flaked Oats
6.9% Oat Husks
3.3% Wheat Malt

60min: 1.5g/l H. Mittelfrüh, 4.9%AA
5min: 0.29g/l Crushed Coriander Seeds; 0.54g/l Orange Peel
2min: 0.18g/l Chamomile flowers
1min: 1tsp Wheat flour

Yeast: Wyeast 3463 Forbidden Fruit
OG: 1051
FG: 1010
IBU: 14 (calc. Tinseth)

Method: Water treated to 20ppm CaCO3. Mash profile: 55C 15min; 63C 30min; 68C 30min. Pitch at 20C, raising to 21C after 12hrs, and to 22C after 30hrs. Hold until complete and then crash cool for 2 days.

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