Dubbel Cross (Belgian Dubbel)

Honourable Mention, “Strong Ales” – London & South East Brewing Competition, June 2014
BJCP style guide: 18B Belgian Dubbel

77.1% Dingemans Pilsner Malt
4.7% Aromatic Malt
3.3% Flaked Barley
3.0% Special B

11.9% Extra Dark Candimic Candy Syrup (78%) (added to boil)

0.56g/l, Northern Brewer 9%AA, 90min
0.66g/l,  EKG 5.6%AA, 90min
0.31g/l  Saaz 3.4%AA, 90min
0.88g/l Saaz 3.4%AA, 15min

Yeast: WLP530

OG 1069
FG 1013
7.3% ABV

Method: Mash at 64C for 20min, raising to 67C for another 40min. Water to ~40ppm as CaCO3, 1tsp CaCl2 in mash. Repitch of WLP530 slurry from a Belgian Pale Ale I’d brewed 2 weeks previously, pitch at 19C rising to 22C over 5 days. Raise to 23C for 3 days, then crash cool for 3 days prior to racking.

(The Candimic Candy Syrup is available from The Malt Miller)

2 Comments on “Dubbel Cross (Belgian Dubbel)

  1. I see you have used the candimic 78. The producer states it has a 1800 EBC that is really a huge value. How can’t the candimic, used in the high percentage you’ve choose, make a ultradark beer?? My program tells me about a 260EBC value of the final beer. What i’m doing wrong?

    • That was a query I had as well – I’m not sure how they come up with that figure, but it does work – you kind of have to take a punt… Mine came out somewhere a touch darker than Westmalle – deep red when held to the light though.

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