Czech Challenger Bin End (Ordinary Bitter)

Honourable Mention, English Pale Ales – UK National Homebrew Competition 2013
BJCP style guide: 8A Ordinary Bitter

78.2% Maris Otter
12% Munich I
4.5% Crystal Malt (60EBC)
5.3% Muscavado Sugar (added to boil)

60min: 0.75g/l Target, 12.9%AA; 0.65g/l Bobek, 3.5%AA; 0.13g/l Apollo, 19.5%AA
10min: 0.7g/l Challenger, 8%AA
0min: 1.4g/l Saaz; 0.25g/l Challenger

Yeast: S-O4 (2 x 11g)
OG: 1041
FG: 1012
IBU: 35 (calc. Tinseth)


Mash at 66C for 60min; CRS 0.9ml/l in all liquor. 1 tsp CaSO4 each in mash and boil. Cooled to 18C for pitching, maintain for 7 days before crash cooling and racking.

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