Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality (Schwarzbier)

Best of Show winner – UK National Homebrew Competition 2012
BJCP style guide: 4C Schwarzbier

67.2% Pils malt
24.6% Munich I malt
7.4% Carafa Special II
0.8% Pale Chocolate malt

H Mittelfrüh 25IBU 90min
H Mittelfrüh 0.65g/l 20min
H Mittelfrüh 0.7g/l 0min

Yeast: WLP810, 3L starter (in 23L)
OG: 1051
FG: 1012
IBU: 28 (calc. Tinseth)


Mash all except Carafa and Pale Choc malt at 67C for 90min with appropriately treated water (40ppm as CaCO3, 1tsp gypsum in mash, 1tsp CaCl2 in mash and boil). Add P Choc as mash cap at start of recirc.

Cold steep Carafa for 24 hours in water at 4l/kg and add the extracted liquid in the last 5 min and bring back to boil.

Pitch yeast cold at 8C and ferment at 10C for 3 days. Rise to 12C for further 9 days then 15C for 3. Crash cool, rack and lager (for at least 2-3 months) as close to freezing as possible.

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