Brighthampton Zot (Belgian Pale)

BJCP style guide: 16B Belgian Pale Ale

Inspired very much by a trip to Bruges and fresh Belgian beers – also useful for growing up sufficient yeast for a Dubbel... An easy drinking Belgian Pale:

78.6% Dingemans Pilsner Malt
7.1% Aromatic Malt
6.3% CaraVienna
4.3% Munich Malt
3.6% Flaked Barley

60min: 1g/l EKG 5.6%AA; 1g/l Bobek 4%AA
15min: 0.83g/l Bobek 4%AA
5min: 1g/l Saaz 3.4%AA

2min: 0.25g/l Crushed Coriander Seed; 0.58g/l Grated Orange Peel

Yeast: WLP530
OG: 1055
FG: 1008
IBU: 24 (calc. Tinseth)

Method: Water treated to 30ppm CaCO3. Mash profile: 64C 15min; 68C 45min. Pitch at 18C, allow to raise to 20C after 2 day. Crash cooled on day 10 for 4 days.

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