Boeuf de l’Ouest (Strong Saison)

1st Place, Belgian and French Ale – UK National Homebrew Competition 2011
BJCP Style Guide: 16E Belgian Specialty Ale

77.7% Pilsner Malt
7.1% Munich Malt 10L
7.1% Wheat Malt
1.1% CaraMunich II
7.1% Table Sugar (in boil)

90min: Saaz 15IBU, EK Goldings 15IBU
20min: Bobek 1g/l
0min: Saaz 1g/l
Dry: Saaz 0.6g/l, Bobek 0.35g/l

Yeast: Wyeast 3711
OG: 1062
FG: 1002
IBU: 35 (calc. Tinseth)

Mash 67C with water treated to 30ppm CaCO3. Ferment at 22-23C.

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