Bockse (Traditional Bock)

BJCP style guide: 5B – Traditional Bock
2nd place: Amber Lager, Dark Lagers and Bock – 2014 National Homebrew Competition (Bristol)

Weyermann Munich II 57.2%
Weyermann Vienna 20.5%
Weyermann Bohemian Pils Malt 17.4%
Weyermann Caramunich II 3.3%
Melanoidin malt 0.8%
Carafa Special II 0.8%

90min: Perle, 1.5g/l , 8.5%AA

Yeast: White Labs 833
OG: 1068
FG: 1014
IBU: 25 (calc. Tinseth)

Method: Water treated to 70ppm CaCO3. Mash profile: 52C 15min; 63C 30min; 68C 30min, then decoct 1/3 mash, boiling for 20min. Pitch at 10C, raising to 12C after 5 days. Racked after 19 days. (Yeast repitched, 4th Gen.)

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