Bad Choirboy (American Brown Ale)

2nd place American Amber and Brown Ales – 2011 CBA National Homebrewing Competition (Bristol)
BJCP style guide: 10C American Brown Ale

75.2% British Lager Malt
7.8% Carapils
7.8% Pale Crystal Malt
6.2% Wheat Malt
3.1% Chocolate Malt

90min: 2.6g/l Northern Brewer 9.3%AA
15min: 1.3g/l Northern Brewer 9.3%AA
5min: 2.0g/l Cascade 5.5%
0min: 2.0g/l Cascade 5.5%
Dry: 2.9g/l Centennial (14+ days)

Yeast: Safale US-05
OG: 1066
FG: 1015
IBU: 56 (calc. Tinseth)

Method: Mash 68C for 90min. Pitch at 17C, raise to 18C after 3 days. Crash cooled day 14 for 4 days before racking and dry hopping.

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