Green Hop IPA (2013)

Based on BJCP style guide: 14A English IPA but with green hops late. Might want to enter in either IPA or Cat 23.

70.7% Maris Otter
14% Munich I
9.3% Pils Malt
3.7% Wheat Malt
2.3% Dark Crystal malt (240EBC)

60min: Chinook 12.5%AA, 2g/l
5min: Green Hops (Frozen after picking) 8g/l
0min: Green Hops (Frozen after picking) 17g/l

Yeast: BRY-97
OG: 1063
FG: 1014
IBU: 50 est.


Mash at 67C for 60min. NB: Chinook used to give known bittering levels rather than relying on green hops.

Rehydrate yeast properly and pitch at 18C, maintain at 20C.

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