Wackelig (German Pils)

2nd Place, Pale and Amber Bitter European Beer – UK National Homebrew Competition 2015
BJCP style guide: 2A German Pils

100% Weyermann Pilsner malt

90min: 0.20g/l Apollo 19.0%AA, 1.04g/l Perle 8.0%AA, 0.5g/l Tettnang 2.3%AA
15min: 0.72g/l Tettnang 2.3%AA
0min: 0.64g/l Tettnang 2.3%AA

Yeast: Fermentis S-23 (22g/25L)
OG: 1049
FG: 1010
IBU: 32 (calc. Tinseth)


Mash at 55C for 15min, 63C for 20min, 67C for 45min. CRS 0.89ml/l in all liquor. CaSO4 (1.5tsp), CaCl2 (0.5tsp) in mash. Cool to 10C and pitch properly rehydrated yeast – ferment at 11C for 11 days, raise to 15 for 2 days then crash cool for 3 days before racking. Lager at 3C for 2+ months.