Schneeflocke (Munich Helles)

1st Place Light Lager and Pilsner; Best of Show – 2014 CBA National Homebrewing Competition (Bristol)
BJCP style guide: 1D Munich Helles

90.1% Weyermann Pils Malt
7.1% Weyermann Munich I
2.8% Weyermann Melanoidin Malt

60min: 1g/l Tettnang 2.3%AA, 1.87g/l Hallertau 4.9%AA

Yeast: White Labs WLP833
OG: 1050
FG: 1010
IBU: 23 (calc. Tinseth)

Method: Step mash 55C for 20min, 66C for 45min. Pitch at 11C and hold for 3 days. Rise to 12C for 7 days, then to 15C for 2 days. Crash cool and then rack. Lager for 7 months.

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    • The keg was lagered for 5 months (either in cold garage or in brewing fridge co-opted for lagering) – but in bottle, just whacked those in a fridge and stored them there. They sit nicely at 3C as long as needed.

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