Notfest (Oktoberfestbier)

UK National Homebrew Competition 2012: 2nd place, US, Pils, Amber and Dark Lagers
BJCP Style Guide: 3B Oktoberfest

39.8% Warminster Munich I malt
39.8% Weyermann Vienna malt
18.1% Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner malt
2.4% Weyermann Caramunich

90min: H Mittelfrüh 12IBU, Saaz 6IBU, Tettnang 4.5IBU
20min: 0.6g/l Tettnang (~2.5IBU)

OG 1055
FG 1013

25 IBU

Yeast: WLP810


Mash schedule was 50C (20min) 63C (25min), 67C (30min), followed by a medium decoction for 20 min before mash out. Liquor treated to ~80ppm as CaCO3 with 1tsp/23L CaCl2 in mash and boil. Harvested yeast slurry pitched at 12C; ferment at 11C for 14days, 15C for 3 days. Crash cool, rack and lager for 5 months.

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